MOAR: Fat Tire, Folding Frame, Electric Bicycle

Folding frame fat tire ebike with 85 mile range, 1000w motor, 48v battery, full suspension & more.

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Estimated Shipping Date: August 2017

1. Bikes

Moar 20rapt raptii 2006 20turq legacy square thumb
MOAR Rapt 2 - Pre-Order
The Rapt II offers a new redesign of the frame dedicated to the most advanced Ultra motor from 8F... more »
Moar 2024 7 2001 20blk legacy square thumb
MOAR 24/7 - Pre-Order
This bike is designed with the daily-user in mind. It has everything you need for daily commute,... more »
Moar 20sun 26fun 2007 20violet 20no 20light legacy square thumb
MOAR Sun & Fun - Pre-Order
The Sun&Fun comes with our standard safety lighting feature such as turn signals, brake light... more »
Moar 20sun 26fun 2004 20red 20 no 20light legacy square thumb
MOAR Euro - Pre-Order
A 250w version of the Sun&Fun that's designed to comply with the European "pedelect" designat... more »
Moar 2024 7 2002 20pearl legacy square thumb
Reserve Now Pay Later
Place a $250 non-refundable deposit and guarantee any model MOAR E-Bike at up to 30% off retail p... more »

2. Accessories

Shift 20sensor white 20bg legacy square thumb
Shift Sensor (exclusive for Rapt, Rapt II models)
The shift sensor helps manage the power output of the mid-drive motor when you shift a gear to mi... more »
X8fjodzlcymfk6630jno legacy square thumb
Spare 48v Battery
Get yourself a spare battery for that long trip. These 48v batteries comes in 3 capacities : ... more »
Kmvb1emnudb3awmmtlnr legacy square thumb
Set of fenders for the front and rear wheel. Shipping charge applies if not ordered with a bike.
Alum 20handle 20bar 20endcap 20mirror 20other 20side legacy square thumb
Side Mirror
Left, right or both. Please indicate which side you need if you are only ordering one. They are... more »
Quick 20release 20mount legacy square thumb
Quick Release Mount
A quick release mount add-on to the Unibody rear rack for fast and easy mount/dismount of your sa... more »
Kmc 20x9e legacy square thumb
Spare KMC e-bike chain for Rapt and Rapt II
Specially designed and hardened for 9-speed e-bike use. Something handy to keep for the Rapt and... more »
Charger 20moar legacy square thumb
Quick Charger - 5A
A fast charger that cuts your charging time to half. Shipping charge applies if not ordered with... more »
Phone 20mount 2002 legacy square thumb
Phone Mount
A solid aluminum mount to securely mount your phone to the head-tube of your bike. With a simple ... more »
X8fjodzlcymfk6630jno legacy square thumb
Upgrade from 48v10ah Battery
Upgrade from your standard battery for an even longer range. There are 2 levels of upgrade: 1... more »
X8fjodzlcymfk6630jno legacy square thumb
Upgrade from 13ah to 17ah Battery
Upgrade from your standard battery for an even longer range : 13ah - 17ah extends your range f... more »
Pannier01 front legacy square thumb
Waterproof Pannier Bag
A sonic-weld waterproof duffle style pannier bag with a quick release attachment, and messenger s... more »
Gps 20findy legacy square thumb
Integrated into the controller box at the front of the battery pack and directly wired to the bat... more »
Carboon 20wheel03 legacy square thumb
3 Spoke Carbon Wheel_ebike
26" X 85mm 3 Spoke Carbon wheel. 3K weave. Comes in dark grey Only. Tubeless tire ready. Out... more »